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Selling Courses with Ghost CMS

Learn how to use Ghost CMS to sell your course online on a budget without the big fees other websites charge.
Selling Courses with Ghost CMS

Start selling your courses with Ghost CMS, the simplest and lowest cost solution.

As you probably know, there is no shortage of tools you can use to sell your courses. Sites like Kajabi, Kartra, Teachable, Podia, and Mighty Networks are just a few of the many Learning Management System (LMS) options. However, many of these tools can be expensive when it comes to pricing when you start on a low budget.

When I relaunched my website, I decided to make it a membership site and offer courses. When I started looking at different tools, I soon realized it would cost me between $50-$100 to use one of the tools I mentioned above. If I wanted to use WordPress, it would still cost me $200 to $400 to buy a plugin to manage my memberships and courses, not including the monthly hosting fees.

Yikes, that's a lot of money to start a membership site, especially when you plan to build it over time and grow it organically.

Why I Choose Ghost CMS

Ghost CMS offers the essential features your need to have a membership and sell your course.

  • Free, Member, and Paid Memberships
  • Built-in Feature to send Newsletters
  • Take Payments using Stripe
  • Offer Monthly or Yearly Memberships
  • Use Zapier for Integrations

Other sites charge you for these features. A self-hosting Ghost CMS website is $5 on Digital Ocean, and managed hosting is $29 on Ghost.org. Tell me, where else can you start selling a course for only $5.

What is Missing in Ghost CMS

While you can use Ghost CMS to sell your courses, there are some things you should know.

  • Video Hosting (recommend using Vimeo)
  • Paid Members have access to the whole website. Once a member pays, they have access to everything on the site.
  • Missing some LMS features like:
  • dripping content
  • marking a lesson completed
  • pick up where I left off
  • Email Automation (recommend using MailerLite)
  • Some functionality has to be added to the posts to guide users like adding:
  • "Next Lesson" link to the page.
  • "Return to Course Page" link.
  • Course Friendly Themes.
  • Ghost CMS is meant to be used for Blogging and sending newsletters. So unlike WordPress, their themes are made to only show posts. This means you have to customize your theme to function more like a course. (Lucky for you, I have created the first Ghost LMS Theme.)

This Site is a Work In Progress. We will be adding more content on how to use Ghost CMS to sell courses soon.

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