Turning 41

Turning 41

A Short Trip Down Memory Lane…

What I was doing 40 years ago?

Running around in a diaper in Honduras! Don’t remember much else…lol.

What I was doing 35 Years ago?

Moving to Miami from Honduras! My first airplane flight! Meeting my entire family for the first time when went we arrived. Rode my first escalator and saw the first automatic door. I thought I was in a futuristic world.

What I was doing 30 Years ago?

Going to Miami Gardens Elementary, playing with Transformers and GI Joe. Wearing KangaROOS tennis shoes. Watching the 49ers beat Dolphins in Super Bowl 19. The janitor and me were the only ones in the whole school going for the 49ers…hahaha.

What I was doing 25 Years ago? 

I was in 10th grade. Cruising Hialeah in a Ford Probe. Watching the San Francisco 49ers win the 1990 Super Bowl ( not trying to rub it in). Playing football in the street with @RoldeeEspana @ChrisMontero @JesusPerez. Setting the neighborhood record for 7 touchdowns in game. Yeah, I still remember!

What I was doing 20 Years Ago?

Watching 49ers become the first team to win five Super Bowls. Partied at bars and clubs with friends  @WillieCabrera, @GiovannySalazar, @PascualMejiaJR. Met @EricHess. Started working at PRC working as telemarketer for AT&T, selling gift certificates and soon began my career in I.T., Met @SheilaLeathem, @MaureenRuano, @OctavioFuste, and @JymmyRodriguez! Still remember being nervous the first day, since I had zero I.T. experience. Best advice came from Jymmy, who told me “Don’t worry Tito – half the people here, don’t know what the hell they are doing.”

What I was doing 15 Years Ago?

Spent New Years in Seattle with @JohnnyClark. Thank God we survived the snow storm driving to the airport. After much thought, I left PRC for ABC Distributing to learn more about I.T. Teamed up with @MarvinFliegelman. Met my future wife @OtyRamos, though she did not believe me when I told her “I will marry you someday”. She thought I had too much to drink and paid me no mind…lol.

What I was doing 10 Years Ago?

My friend @MarvinFliegelman made me an offer I could not refuse and left ABC Distributing to work at Citigroup. Met @EddiePerdomo. I got married to my beautiful wife @OtyRamos and went to Europe for honeymoon, then a week later rode out Hurricane Wilma in our condo. Found out what it was like to live without electricity and no gas for four days! By day 4 we were all ready to kill each other…lol.

What I am did today?
Turned forty-one. Spent time with a new friend…sharing a sandwich. Feeling thankful for being alive and having a blessed family. Had many birthday wishes and calls from friends and family! Had my wife’s famous lasagna for dinner and cut a cake with my kids, who helped me blow out the candles! What more can I ask for!

I want to say Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes. I look forward to returning them all during the year :). Have a Blessed Year!

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