Stuart Scott R.I.P.

Stuart Scott R.I.P.

I was sad to hear of Stuart Scott’s passing today from cancer. I remember those nights before going to bed, I would turn on ESPN and watch Stuart Scott and Rich Eisen on Sportscenter. Watching the highlights I would always keep an ear out for a new Stuart saying. I can still hear his voice in my head when I say them. He will be missed by all us Sports Fans. For many years, he would be the reason I turned on ESPN and went to sleep a little happier. Thanks Stuart, R.I.P.

My favorites sayings:

“Cool as the other side of the pillow.”

“Vlade Daddi, he like to party. He don’t cause trouble, he don’t bother nobody.”

“Just call him butter cuz he’s on a roll.”

“He must be the bus driver cuz he was takin’ him to school.”

“The Lord said ‘You’ve got to rise UP!'”

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