Re-Designing My Blog

Re-Designing My Blog

So a few months ago, right before I was going to receive my next Adsense check from Google. I got an email from the Adsense team saying my website was not up to the guidelines. Basically, they told me I need to update my website if I wanted to continue using their adsense program.

For those of you that don’t know, adsense is where you can put Google ads on your website and get paid whenever a visitor click on your website.

Now the funny thing is my website actually was the lowest of my 5 websites in generating adsense commissions. So I’m not sure why Google decided to penalize my website other than to delay paying me my existing commissions.

So in either case, I updated my website to meet the policy guide lines. I removed all the content that was based on other websites and created a fresh new design with all original content.

So I look forward to Google reviewing my website and approving my new content, so I can finally get paid!

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