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Gun Control Conversation

[View the story “Gun Control” on Storify] Gun Control Many people believe that we do not need can control. However, with so many shootings over the last two years we all must admit some form of gun control is needed. The problem is people think that because they have a gun they are protected. Storified by · Thu, Jan 17 2013 15:05:35 Instead what ends up happening is the gun they purchased for protection is used instead to commit a murder. Having a gun in your house means a household member is 43 times more likely to be shot. It  also means you’re more likely to use a gun in a confrontation. instead of having a screaming match, the confrontation escalates to a shooting. Think about Robert Zimmerman if he had not had a gun he would probably not have have confronted Trevon Martin.  So America must wake up and start discussing how to create balanced gun-control  laws. While no gun laws are perfect we have to stop thinking more guns will  prevent more gun violence. gun advocates suggest that guns are needed to protect themselves but they don’t realize that not having gun-control laws puts more guns in bad people’s hands. so it’s a never-ending cycle. Bad guys get more guns, good guys get more guns to protect themselves, more shootings and more murders are committed by bad guys and  good guys. Today I read an excellent article by David Frum from CNN, which is titled “America’s gun control problem is not a race”. America’s gun problem is not a race problemEditor’s note: David Frum, a CNN contributor, is a contributing editor at Newsweek... read more

Obama Wins Re-Election! But Who Is Really Trying to Take Freedoms Away!

I can’t believe some of the nonsense coming out of some people’s mouth today. People I respect and trust are saying some of the most outrages things because Obama was re-elected. Moreover, some of the things they are saying are not only outrages, they are hurtful and hateful. These are the same people talking about how the government is taking away their freedoms. However, that’s exactly what these people want to do to the rest of the country that does not believe in their way of thinking. – They want to take gays rights to love and marriage, because they don’t believe gay people are born gay. – They want latinos stopped and checked for ID because all immigrants are illegals and don’t deserve privacy. – They call women – feminist nazi’s – because women want equal pay and freedom of choice. – They don’t want Muslims in our country because they are not Christian – taking away their rights to freedom of religion. – They call people a socialist or communist for wanting to care for the poor and needy, never mind that’s what the Bible says we should do. Anyone, believing those things above really needs to ask themselves what are they really afraid of – because it’s thoughts like that prevent our country from moving forward. I, like everyone in our country, understand that we are at a crossroad and that certain things have to change to make our economy stronger again. That is congress’s job to work with the President to find a compromise on the budget. It’s not solely on the President’s shoulders, and... read more

Never Give Up – Your Dream is Worth It

Like many out there with dreams, I often find myself at some point or another questioning if it’s all worth it. I mean – if you are trying to start a business and obstacles are always in your way, then it won’t belong before you start to doubt yourself. And here is what separates the winners from the pretenders. ( Notice I didn’t say winners from losers. Losers never try. A pretender is someone that wants to achieve success, but gets easily discouraged or tells himself it’s not possible.) Anyways, back to what I was referring to being a winner. A winners knows there will be obstacles and failures along the way, but they don’t get discouraged. They use that opportunity to learn from their mistake or problem and change their approach to solve the problem or overcome their obstacle. In business you cannot assume, you have to be sure and execute your plan. If you fail then try a new approach and keep trying until you succeed. Try to see if others can help and leverage their experience to solve your problems. Don’t be afraid to ask. You’ll be surprised how many people want to genuinely help you.  Until  next... read more

Colorado “Batman” Movie Shooting

I used to live in Aurora, Co in the early 90’s. So when I heard about the shooting that occurred there on Friday midnight, it brought back memories of days I lived there.

I agree, Congress needs to find a way for Second Amendment and Gun Control to go hand in hand.

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Making Money with Adsense

Last year, I decided to start building my Adsense sites again. If you don’t know what Adsense, this is where you build a website and add Google advertising on the website. Whenever a visitor comes to your site and clicks on an advertising link, you get paid a small commission. Check my latest payments from... read more

Pacquiao vs Bradley Fixed, Pacquiao Robbed

Where to begin, I usually don’t believe in conspiracy theories, but without a doubt Manny Pacquio was robbed on Saturday night. He not only dominated at least 9 of the 12 rounds, but he put a hurting Bradley with power pushes in those rounds. So to see a split decision on the behalf of Bradley goes to show you what’s wrong with boxing. I’m not a boxing expert, but those who are have called the worst decision ever made. Luckily, Tecate Beer will be picking up part of the bill for many who bought the fight. In my opinion, the judges punished Pacquiao for making them wait while he watched the Miami and Celtics Eastern Finals game. But their scoring of the fight was horrendous and they should all be investigated. Even Bradley’s wife thought he lost, just look at her expression before the decision was read. Even Bradley said it best, “I will go see the video to see if I really won the fight.” No matter what fight gets put out in the near future, I will not go see it or pay for it. My friend said it best boxing is turning into the WWE. These judges were incompetent as it was best said by Teddy Atlas. I feed bad for Manny, he knows he won the world kn0ws he won. Now Bradley is sitting somewhere thinking he really won the fight. Just like Buster Douglas thought he was a real Champion for landing a lucky punch that knocked out Tyson. At least Douglas KO Tyson. Bradley barely hurt Pacquio. Maybe the judges thought the blood... read more