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Black Sails — Official Trailer

This was one of my favorite shows for 2014. Looking forward to it’s return in 2015. It supposed to be based on pirates living in the Bahamas. Set in 1720, the series is set as a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic pirate novel Treasure Island and follows the adventures of Captain Flint. All I can say is no one is safe in the show. Don’t miss Black Sails, a new STARZ Original Series coming January 25th at 9pm. 1715. The Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean is at its apex. The former Br… Video Rating: 4 /... read more

Re-Designing My Blog

So a few months ago, right before I was going to receive my next Adsense check from Google. I got an email from the Adsense team saying my website was not up to the guidelines. Basically, they told me I need to update my website if I wanted to continue using their adsense program. For those of you that don’t know, adsense is where you can put Google ads on your website and get paid whenever a visitor click on your website. Now the funny thing is my EverEspana.com website actually was the lowest of my 5 websites in generating adsense commissions. So I’m not sure why Google decided to penalize my website other than to delay paying me my existing commissions. So in either case, I updated my website to meet the policy guide lines. I removed all the content that was based on other websites and created a fresh new design with all original content. So I look forward to Google reviewing my website and approving my new content, so I can finally get... read more

Lebron Leaving Miami

So I get the call, it’s my Aunt on the other line. She is a bigger Heat fan than me and I recall the words that she utterd. “Tito, he is going back to Cleveland.” At first, I wanted to believe she said “He did it again to Cleveland”, but knew those were not the words I heard. So after 4 years King James decided to go home. P Diddy “I’m coming home song” started to play in my head. At first I was upset, but how could I be. The man missed home and wanted to go back. I mean when my military service ended, I decided to go home. I had plenty of friends in Colorado and would have liked to stay. But I know home is where my heart was. So good luck LB, you gave us 4 great years for Final nail biters. Just remember us #HeatLifers will miss you, but will not be rooting for you to win. We only root for the... read more

My Letter to Congressman Diaz-Balart

Dear Congressman Diaz-Balart, While I consider myself a Democrat, however, I have always voted for you and Marco Rubio, whenever your names have been on my ballots. This is because I believe it’s important to have Latin representation in Congress and Senate. I have always considered you an outstanding pillar of the Latin community. Lately, however, I feel like we are being let down by you and Marco. With the government shutdown and no immigration reform being passed, it feels like our Latin representatives in Congress and the Senate have forgotten their roots. They have forgotten that most of us came to this country as immigrants or from immigrant parents. Forgotten that early on – our parents depended on government programs to help get us through, while we laid down a foundation that would allow us to stand up for ourselves and live the American dream. The letter is to kindly request that you please as Speak Boehner to please bring a clean funding bill to a vote on the floor. Let democracy decide whether a clean bill will be allowed to pass. Don’t let the Tea Party decide what’s best for the country and hurt innocent citizens trying to work. While not perfect, I believe the AHA in the long run will be a good thing for this country. Will there be issues? Of course, but that is what happens with unknowns. You figure out the issues and fix them as you go along. That’s how America was built, no one knew the result, but the people pushed forward to make it better to make us the great... read more

George Zimmerman Trial Thoughts

For the past two weeks, I’ve been following the George Zimmerman trial and my feelings of guilty and not guilty have been on a roller coaster ride. Before the trial started, I, like many others thought he was guilty of following and provoking the attack , which led to  Trayvon Martin’s shooting. When listening to the testimony from Trayvon’s friend,Rachel Jeantel, it furthered my belief that Zimmerman had stalked Trayvon and caused the confrontation. While many had a hard time understanding Jeantel, I understood her perfectly well. Maybe because I was raised and went to school in Miami Gardens. I totally understood her testimony and I don’t consider myself uneducated. I found her testimony to be totally credible. So she lied, so she would not have to go to the funeral. I’ve seen people not go to the funeral of someone they knew, because it made them feel uncomfortable. When she said “creepy ass cracker” I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. She had no idea that cracker was derogatory term. She could have padded her testimony with lies  to favor the prosecution’s case, but instead she just said what she thought she heard that night on the phone. If her testimony is true, it proves Zimmerman started the confrontation and Trayvon did what any other kid from Miami Gardens would do, and that is defend himself.  However, even after hearing the rest of the prosecutions case, I still had some doubts that maybe Trayvon did attack Zimmerman first. Now to look at the other side. Listening to the defense’s explanation, I could see a scenario where Zimmerman was curious... read more