New Year – Making Declarations

New Year – Making Declarations

Hello 2015, Good Bye 2014!

It’s a New Year and I am excited about all the possibilities this year will bring. Personal, Monetary, and Spiritual goals are all in my list, though not necessarily in that order.

Make Declarations in Your Life

Last year, I made a great deal of progress in my spiritual and personal life and this year I am looking to grow more. A book that helped me refocus my faith and that I am going to read again this year is “I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over your Life” by Joel Olsteen.  It talks about declarations and how they affect your life. The book has 31 chapters with declarations.  I made a New Year resolution last year to read a chapter everyday in January to start off the year.

All I can say is the Blessings I received last year were amazing, and this book helped me realize how important it is to make declarations to yourself everyday. It taught me to trust God and to do so unconditionally. God know everything that we need and where it falls in the puzzle of life. You just have to trust and have faith, he will get you there. Of course, you need to do your part. Things just don’t happen, but if you are willing to have faith, work towards your goals, accept your failures, and change your approach. Then nothing can keep you from success.

So don’t sell yourself short, you have an amazing gift inside of you and God wants you to show the world. Don’t let fear stop you, don’t let what others think stop you. You control your life, go out and meet people. Better yet, ask God to put the right people in your path to achieve your goals. You will be amazed at the results.

Take care and have a great 2015 –  Ever Espana


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