My Letter to Congressman Diaz-Balart

My Letter to Congressman Diaz-Balart

Dear Congressman Diaz-Balart,

While I consider myself a Democrat, however, I have always voted for you and Marco Rubio, whenever your names have been on my ballots. This is because I believe it’s important to have Latin representation in Congress and Senate. I have always considered you an outstanding pillar of the Latin community.

Lately, however, I feel like we are being let down by you and Marco. With the government shutdown and no immigration reform being passed, it feels like our Latin representatives in Congress and the Senate have forgotten their roots. They have forgotten that most of us came to this country as immigrants or from immigrant parents. Forgotten that early on – our parents depended on government programs to help get us through, while we laid down a foundation that would allow us to stand up for ourselves and live the American dream.

The letter is to kindly request that you please as Speak Boehner to please bring a clean funding bill to a vote on the floor. Let democracy decide whether a clean bill will be allowed to pass. Don’t let the Tea Party decide what’s best for the country and hurt innocent citizens trying to work. While not perfect, I believe the AHA in the long run will be a good thing for this country. Will there be issues? Of course, but that is what happens with unknowns. You figure out the issues and fix them as you go along. That’s how America was built, no one knew the result, but the people pushed forward to make it better to make us the great nation we are today.

All we ask is that it’s time to put the fight on the Affordable Healthcare Act to the side and let’s focus on the bigger picture. Let’s stop the world from seeing us Americans as whiners and people that can’t get things done. Let’s show the world why America is great and put our nation back to work and resolve our debt problem with a balanced solution.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

Ever Espana

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