Lebron Leaving Miami

Lebron Leaving Miami

So I get the call, it’s my Aunt on the other line. She is a bigger Heat fan than me and I recall the words that she utterd. “Tito, he is going back to Cleveland.”

At first, I wanted to believe she said “He did it again to Cleveland”, but knew those were not the words I heard.

So after 4 years King James decided to go home. P Diddy “I’m coming home song” started to play in my head. At first I was upset, but how could I be. The man missed home and wanted to go back.

I mean when my military service ended, I decided to go home. I had plenty of friends in Colorado and would have liked to stay. But I know home is where my heart was.

So good luck LB, you gave us 4 great years for Final nail biters. Just remember us #HeatLifers will miss you, but will not be rooting for you to win. We only root for the Heat

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