Having Issues with Big Commerce

Having Issues with Big Commerce

So far for the last 3 days I have not been able to get to my website.  However, BigCommerce has not been able to help me because they say it’s a network issue. ( going on 4 days)

I’ve been trying to explain that all other websites work except this one, and I know based on a recent email they were doing CDN work. So maybe that caused an issue.

I even called comcast to investigate and they say it’s most likely a bigcommerce issue. They are not blocking anything.  We’ve done all the routine troubleshooting with bigcommerce and comcast.

Clear cache
Clear cookiesClear temp files
Ipconfig /flushdns
Restarted PC
Restarted and Reset Router and Modem

So not sure what it can be, the only clue I have is the trace route for my site and another site I manage. Based on this I can clearly tell my request is reaching bigcommerce before it times out. But they keep saying it’s not their problem. Any network guys want to tell me based on the trace if the problem is happening on bigcommerce?

This trace route fails for the site I cannot reach

traceroute frutadiets - FAILS


This trace route is successful and works.

Trace route leather sofa factory - SUCCESS

UPATED 8/31/2014

Not sure what happen, but the website ip appears to have changed now, I am now able to connect

However, as you can see the tracert still times out when it reaches fw7.bigcommerce.com:



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  1. Hi Ever,

    As you’ve noticed, your Bigcommerce store is up and operational again. I apologize for our lack of update on this issue – I’ll chase up internally to find out where your ticket got to and why it didn’t make it all the way up to my team (the operations team) to get you a speedy and satisfactory resolution.

    As for what happened, I’ll do my best to explain below.

    Recently we began rotating the IP addresses for all of our merchants who use our shared SSL service to new addresses on our platform, that we can better utilize with DDoS mitigation amongst other things. We’ve been rotating IP addresses behind the scenes for all stores over the past two months without any reports from our other merchants.

    What we seem to have run across here is an issue with Windows XP compatibility. The new IP address your store was assigned ends in .255, which on some computer networks designates what’s called a “broadcast address”. On Bigcommerce (with this set of IP addresses), we do not utilize .255 as a broadcast address.

    It looks like there’s an issue in the networking stack of Windows XP, which incorrectly assumes .255 will always be a broadcast address. You can read more about that here: Last octet 255 bug on Windows? & Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Stack Behaviour.

    This resulted in, for anyone using Windows XP (from what I can tell your screenshots are of a Windows XP command line window), difficulties accessing some Bigcommerce stores.

    What we’ve done is marked any IP address ending in .255 for our shared SSL merchants as blacklisted. We’re also about to go through and rotate the IP address of anyone who was previously assigned an IP address ending in .255 to a new IP address. We expect this to be complete in the next 48 hours.

    One of operations engineers noticed your blog post over the weekend and also manually assigned your Bigcommerce store a new IP address, which is why you can now access your Bigcommerce store.

    Just for future reference, ICMP pings and such won’t complete in Bigcommerce on our new platform – we don’t allow them. This is why even after we assigned your Bigcommerce store a new IP address, you see the traceroute timeout as soon as traffic hits our firewalls. You also won’t see an ICMP ping complete if you ping the IP address correctly.

    If you experience any issues like this in the future and are having difficulty getting them resolved, please feel free to contact me directly, or have your support ticket be escalated to our escalations/operations team. I’m available via email at chris@bigcommerce.com and more than happy to help out.

    Chris Boulton
    Principal Systems Architect


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