George Zimmerman Trial Thoughts

George Zimmerman Trial Thoughts

For the past two weeks, I’ve been following the George Zimmerman trial and my feelings of guilty and not guilty have been on a roller coaster ride. Before the trial started, I, like many others thought he was guilty of following and provoking the attack , which led to  Trayvon Martin’s shooting.

When listening to the testimony from Trayvon’s friend,Rachel Jeantel, it furthered my belief that Zimmerman had stalked Trayvon and caused the confrontation. While many had a hard time understanding Jeantel, I understood her perfectly well. Maybe because I was raised and went to school in Miami Gardens. I totally understood her testimony and I don’t consider myself uneducated. I found her testimony to be totally credible. So she lied, so she would not have to go to the funeral. I’ve seen people not go to the funeral of someone they knew, because it made them feel uncomfortable. When she said “creepy ass cracker” I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. She had no idea that cracker was derogatory term. She could have padded her testimony with lies  to favor the prosecution’s case, but instead she just said what she thought she heard that night on the phone. If her testimony is true, it proves Zimmerman started the confrontation and Trayvon did what any other kid from Miami Gardens would do, and that is defend himself.  However, even after hearing the rest of the prosecutions case, I still had some doubts that maybe Trayvon did attack Zimmerman first.

Now to look at the other side. Listening to the defense’s explanation, I could see a scenario where Zimmerman was curious to find out where Trayvon had gone and was caught off guard when Trayvon confronted him. In this scenario,  Zimmerman overestimated his sense of security because he had a gun. He  probably thought worse case scenario, he could pull out his gun and hold Trayvon until the police got there. Unfortunately for Zimmerman, he did not react quick enough and instead found himself in a fist fight, one that he was not prepared for and one he found himself quickly losing. I do believe it’s possible Zimmerman was the one screaming for help, he would have had a reasonable expectation for his neighbors to come out and help him. I do not believe Trayvon went for the gun like Zimmerman mentions his statement. I think Zimmerman was getting his butt kicked and then when Trayvon let up, because he heard the neighbors,  Zimmerman grabbed his gun and shot him. It probably happen in a split second. Trayvon stops to see neighbors are coming outside, thinks the fight is over and Zimmerman uses that opportunity to shoot him. In Zimmerman’s mind, he had already made it up that his was a bad criminal and he was just defending himself. I can see why Zimmerman thought he was fighting for his life.

Now, having considered both sides arguments, I believe, in Zimmerman’s mind he had already made up his mind Trayvon was a criminal.  When Trayvon ran away, Zimmerman took that as a sign of guilt – the criminal is trying to escape.  Zimmerman was pushing for the neighborhood watch and wanted to be a hero and show his community his watch program worked. He went looking for Trayvon to confront him about what he was doing in the neighborhood. He knew he had his gun as a fallback if there was a confrontation. When Zimmerman approached Trayvon, Trayvon took Zimmermans’s confrontation as a threat, and just reacted and punched him. A fight ensued with probably a little back and forth with Trayvon quickly getting the upper-hand. Zimmerman started yelling for help. Neighbors are coming out and yelling they’ve called or are calling the police.  Trayvon lets up for a second to get off Zimmerman.  Zimmerman uses the opportunity to get his gun and shoots, thinking Trayvon may continue hitting him.  In Zimmerman’s mind, he never thought Trayvon was defending himself from someone following him. He believes his worst nightmare is coming true – that he is being attacked by one of those criminal punks that have been robbing the neighborhood. Zimmerman believes he has no choice, but to defend himself with his gun, before Trayvon decides to punch him again.  After the shooting, when questioned by police, Zimmerman knows he went looking for Trayvon and he needs to make sure his statements collaborate his self defense claim.

I honestly, don’t believe Zimmerman hunted down Trayvon to kill him, he wanted to know what Trayvon was doing in the neighborhood. He just want about it the wr0ng way and  he made the wrong assumptions.  Those assumptions led to his fear that he was going to die at the hands of a criminal if he didn’t shoot Trayvon.  He let his fear react the same way Trayvon may have reacted by punching him first. Zimmerman wanted to make sure the fight was over and the attacker would not hurt him again, so he shot his gun to kill.  The sad part is Trayvon had probably stopped punching him and was ready to retreat when he was shot.

No matter the outcome of the trial, this is a real tragedy for both sides. An innocent kid died defending himself from a man following him. Really Sad.

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