About Me

Hello, thank you for stopping by website. Over the last 10 years, I’ve been learning about online marketing, social media, real estate, and recently sports nutrition. I love seeing how the internet is changing, and all the new possibilities that are out there waiting to be discovered.┬áMy goals are to help small businesses improve their online presence and engage their existing and new clients.

When I originally started 10 years ago online I was doing affiliate marketing and made a few hundred dollars pushing postage meter. Is amazing to see what has happened in 10 years. Back then I had a Treo cell phone, one of the first cellphone and PDA hybrids on the market. Now I have an LG G2 android that can do a thousand circles around my Treo.

So I’ve build this site to document my journey from scratch. Removed all the clutter of affiliate programs and started adding my new original content. Soon I’ll be adding videos and reviews to grow my website content. So thank you for stopping by And please sign up for my newsletter to keep up with my latest adventures.

Best regards,

Ever Espana